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HEELS of Cheyenne Frontier Days

Heels of CFD


The HEELS of Cheyenne Frontier Days were formed in 1935. During the Great Depression, it became evident that the economy was having an impact on Cheyenne Frontier Days. Someone decided they would not accept a salary for the duties they performed for the rodeo, but instead would perform their duties for free. It was said that those who refused to volunteer were nothing but a “bunch of heels.” Someone suggested HEELS as the name for the devoted CFD volunteers and the name stuck. Welcome HEELS 2020 Class: Vickie Albert, Stella Cox, Mike Wilkinson, Randy Kraft, Kevin Owens, Johnny Goldfuss, Sam VanDyke, Ray Hron, Larry Scanlon, Don Shepard, John Svoboda, Thomas Bradley, Candy Hunter, and Steven Zimmerman.

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